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Halfling Cleric or Doctor: Backstory

This is a Halfling Cleric or Doctor Backstory  that you are free to use or adapt for your own character.

Heyo! You can call me Doc and you can call on me whenever you have an ailment. I love helping folks and just recently I realised that I could help everyone even more if I published a book on healing and medicines from around the world. 

So, you see, that is what I am doing. I am travelling around, meeting new people, helping folks along the way and learning all I can about the healing and medicines from different regions. I am writing it all down and one day I am going to publish a book. 

Here, take a look! This is my big book of medicines. It’s got this beautiful leather cover that I received as a gift from a grateful leather worker when I attended to her son’s broken leg and healed him up nicely. And you see this plant here that I drew, these grown natively along the dry coastal regions and nowhere else. They are fantastic for alleviating pain. 

Halfling Cleric or Doctor BackstoryOh yes, I love to garden and I definitely have some seeds of this plant here somewhere. Let me just dig through my backpack and find it for you. 

Oh look here, this is a lucky twig that I got from the swamps. The folks there were really weary of me at first but when I healed the rash on their leader’s knee then they welcomed me and gave me some of their twigs for chewing. It is a little bitter at first but after about ten minutes you start to hallucinate. It’s great fun, although I haven’t found any real uses for it medicinally yet. Would you like to try some?

No? Okay then, let me just put that away. 

When I left my little village I never expected to find so many interesting things in the world! I knew I would find some new an exciting things but never in my life did I expect to have seen quite as much. Nor as much danger, if you know what I mean. That was one close call with the baby pterodactyl, I tell you!

Ah, my village. I miss it, you know. It was a quiet way of life. Not a lot of folks ever left our little haven, and why would they? It is idilic. I look forward to going back home one day and just doing the daily things of a small village like smoking my pipe, talking to the neighbours and getting bread from old lady Gruffen down the road. She really does make the best kind of bread. It’s got this thick crust with a soft inner that is perfect with a good smear of jam. 

Oh goodness, listen to my tummy rumble!

And I do love Mr Jambleton’s pies. It’s no wonder they win every year at the pie contest. He always manages to get the perfect crust balanced with the most delicious moist but not wet filling. 

Hmm, perhaps I need some lunch. Would you look at the time! No wonder I am having the tummy rumbles, I am in need of a snack, it’s been at least two hours since I have eaten. Golly. 

Oh, you know what I just realised, you came here for help, what is ailing you today? Do you need help with your breath, I may have a plant that can help with the odour. Oh, not the breath then, right. Are you sure?


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