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D&D Player’s Handbook: Review

D&D Player’s HandbookThe D&D Player’s Handbook is a part of the core rulebooks that guide players of dungeons and dragons (D&D). This one is aimed at helping players with character creation and quick lookups of information.

What it is

This is one of the three core rulebooks for the 5th edition (5e) of Dungeons and Dragons, a table top role playing game. 

This, fairly hefty, hardcover book contains basic races, classes and backgrounds to help you build your D&D character.

It gives you costs for gear, lists of spells and some cool guides to things like gods of the multiverse.  

It gives you guides for levelling up your characters and different paths or builds you can create for each class. 

What it is not

While it tries to be a go-to source for players to learn how to play D&D it’s not a very good one.

Building your first character can be super confusing and a good DM is always going to be needed to help players understand all the technical aspects of the character. 

If you are completely new to D&D and want to be a DM in your very first game then don’t worry yet about the core rule books. First get the Starter Set or the Essentials Kit. Those both do a much better job of teaching you the game than the core rules. And if you love the game after playing one of the beginner sets then invest in the Core Rules.

Who will benefit from it most

Anyone who sees themselves being a long term player or DM of D&D will benefit from the book. 

It is part of the core set of three books for a reason and even seasoned players will use it to look up things.

The three core rule books are 

  1. D&D Player’s Handbook
  2. D&D Monster Manual
  3. D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide


And if you want to DM then you will need all three because the information is not repeated in any of them. They each have their own purpose and contain specific kinds of information. 

You may as well get the set with the DM screen. It works out cheaper and it comes in a cool box.


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