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Climber’s Pack: Gear Idea

Climber's PackA fun character idea is to play someone who climbs up things and, of course, a character who loves to scale buildings, climb trees or generally be above things needs a Climber’s Pack.

What is a Climber

A climber is a character who comes from the mountains or a circus background. Someone who loved to clamber through trees when they were kids or generally wanted to be above the world and look down.

HLG designed this pack as a cool starter pack for players who want to specialise in being above the action where possible.

Here’s a description of the inventory, cost and the reason for each item.

Climber’s Pack 

Suggested cost for pack 20 gp

Pouch 5 sp 1 lb. (filled with chalk dust to make it easier to grip

Chalk (10 pieces ground into chalk dust) 10 cp

Grappling hook 2 gp 4 lb. (for those circumstances when you need to get up something fast and don’t want to take the time to set pitons)

Ladder (10 foot) 1 sp 25 lb. (this is a rope ladder that folds up and ties to the side of the pack, useful for circumstances when you need to go up and down something repeatedly)

Rope, silk (50 feet) 10 gp 5 lb. – this hangs off the side of the pack (silk rope feels nicer to the touch, is thinner than hempen and easier to pack away in a hurry)

Climber’s kit 25 gp 12 lb. (This kit contains special pitons, boot tips and a harness. The details of how to use it is in the player’s handbook.)


Climber's PackWorth noting

All of these items can be found in the player’s handbook at the costs we stipulated above. 

The price we suggest for the kit  is based on the overall cost of the items at a discount for buying it as a kit.

If your Dungeon Master (DM) allows you to then get these items before the game starts or if you don’t have the gold for it yet then you can pick up the items as you go. Just be sure to let your DM know that you want to do that so they are prepared.

Chat to your DM about allowing you advantage or a plus 2 to any climbing checks when using chalk dust for grip.

You will also likely need a basic Explorer’s pack or Dungeoneers pack for day to day goods.

As a DM you can also have a merchant selling these kits to possible investigators. They can either be selling them as part of a legitimate trade business or at an inflated rate if they know the demand for them is high.


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