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About the Redwood Manor Compact Adventure

Once the glorious family homes of the Harringtons, a prominent and affluent family, Rewood Manor now stands dilapidated and weathered by time. A sombre reminder of the gruesome event that took the lives of the Harrington family and their guests.

Some whisper tales of vengeful spirits haunting the house, their sorrowful wails echoing through the halls on moonlit nights.

Your party has been hired to retrieve a ring from Redwood Manor. Apart from the handsome payment that you will receive to complete the task, you may also keep any other treasure you come across.

Are you ready and brave enough to seek the treasures waiting in the dark, desolate shadows of Redwood Manor?


Redwood Manor (free version) is a Hero Level Games Compact Adventure with 5 key encounters. It is compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and can be used with the story suggestion provided or with a home-brewed one.

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