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Halfling Rogue Gambler: Backstory

Halfling Gambler RogueThis is a Halfling Rogue Gambler Backstory that you are free to use or adapt for your own character.

I am Lucky, and I mean that as more than just my name. Perhaps my name has lead to my luck or perhaps I am just lucky and the name just fits.

Most halflings are born in small, rural villages I am told. I was lucky enough to be born in the great city. And so I was exposed to all the opulence and industry that comes with it.

I don’t really know who my parents were or how I got put into the care of the Order of The Phoenix but I am so glad I did because I loved every minute of my training. You see, The Order of The Phoenix is an underground series of guilds that work together to the betterment of all members. This is not necessarily to the betterment of our marks though. 

Let me tell you about Justice and Peace, the founders of the network.

Justice is a gnome who resides in the wealthiest part of town. She owns a number of legitimate businesses, mostly around the transportation sector. A social butterfly who is also wealthy and influential, she is invited to all of the best events in town and holds a place on the council. Little do the town folks know that she uses her influence and businesses to smuggle goods and money in and out of the city. Her activities are mostly around fraudulent art and sought after artefacts. 

Peace is a willowy, dour drow who resides in the merchant sector of town. He runs several taverns throughout the area known for their gambling. I work with Peace most of the time. He will set me on a target and my job is to make as much money from them as I can without letting on that I am cheating. 

Halfling Rogue Gambler BackstoryI am also sometimes sent to make sure vaults are not trapped and to alleviate some of the heavier coin purses of travellers. But my skills are mostly in gambling and deception. 

And everything was going wonderfully for me until that one job. 

Sharla, my on again, off again girlfriend will tell you that I got cocky and didn’t do a good enough job with my disguise. Maybe she is right. Or maybe I just wasn’t as lucky that day. Either way I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar or in this case inside a really large coin purse. I was put on trial and Justice and Peace helped me escape but told me to make tracks and lay low until the heat had died down. 

After a hasty goodbye to Sharla I packed a small bag, grabbed some coin and made tracks out of town. 

And this is where you find me now, travelling around, looking for things to occupy my time until I can return home again. 


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