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The Shadow Glass: Magic Item

Is he tall, short, elf, human, or dwarf? Is he actually a he? No one knows. This denizen of the dark corners and secret tunnels is the King’s most trusted spy.

However, while The Shadow has a talent for finding out secrets and spying without getting caught. Their own deepest darkest secret is that they can be a little forgetful when it comes to keeping track of their possessions. Losing a piton here or a dagger there never bothered them too much, after all, it was just how it went, the mission is paramount, the tools not so much. However, one such possession was a special magnifying glass created by the hands of Valros himself as a tool for the King’s spy.  To this day he mourn’s the loss of that little trinket and Valros refuses to make another since they weren’t careful with the first one.

Created for a special mission where the king sent them to retrieve one document from the archive of his brother and biggest adversary the Archbishop of Whistleberry. The Archbishop maintains that his calling from the Gods together with his royal blood makes him the rightful heir to the throne and not his brother. Using the riches of his Order he has gathered rare scrolls and tomes looking for one that believes will give him the power to take the throne. These documents have come from all over the kingdom and are in many tongues, both commonly used and ancient. To aid his spy’s quest the King commissioned Valros to conjure a tool that would help The Shadow read languages unknown to him to find the right document, and the Shadow Glass was created. In the hands of The Shadow the magnifying glass would allow them to read any document, in any language as if they were reading it in their mother tongue. The Shadow Glass worked magnificently and it soon became The Shadow’s favourite tool, that is until it inexplicably went missing on another mission.

Discovered in an abandoned crate of odds and ends by a local shrewd shopkeeper who recognised Valros’s hallmark in the handle, the magnifying glass is now available for purchase. However, in the hands of anyone but The Shadow, its power is significantly diminished, although still very useful.

With a frame and handle worked to look like a serpent with a glowing gem eye, when the Shadow Glass is moved over text written in an unknown language the user instantly can understand the text read through the magnifying glass. Can be used to read one page, once per long rest.

  • Cost: 520 gold pieces
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Tool
  • Ideal for characters that are knowledge seekers, love to solve mysteries or dabble in espionage.


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