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Portencia’s Polyglot: Magic

Words are powerful, for leaders they can accomplish more than any sword. Portencia was famed for having a golden tongue that brought together the western Kingdoms of Ouro, becoming their empress. For the remainder of her reign, Portencia’s power and influence kept a preternatural peace across the western kingdoms, a peace that had never been seen before or since.

Successful rulers are not uncommon in history, neither are prodigious ones. However, Portencia was not either of these things. Born in the slum of Wurmbottom to an unknown mother and father Portencia found her way out of the gutter by escaping the urchin-filled ranks of a finger smith gang. Determined that there was more for her in life than thievery or the workhouse she worked her way into society by first becoming a servant in a noblewoman’s household where she proved herself invaluable and worked her way up to lady’s maid. Her counsel was so prized that she soon she found herself whispering into the ears of the most powerful men and women in the kingdom. when war broke out between the city-states she was elected to power, the one person that all the nobles trusted to be impartial and want what was best for the Western Kingdoms. After reuniting the west Potencia seemed the natural fit to stay in power, at least that is what she told everyone and they all agreed, coronating her as Portencia empress of the Western Kingdoms, Duchess of Aedan, Bringer of Peace, the first of her name.

The legend of Portencia’s silver tongue lives on and it is said that when the famed diplomat died her tongue was considered a holy relic.

This necklace with an amber pendant encasing a sliver of Portencia’s iconic tongue gifts the wearer with a sliver of her power over words. When used this pendant allows you to speak and understand one unknown spoken language for one interaction, once per long rest.

One interaction is one spoken question or statement and one spoken reply.

  • Cost: 800 gold pieces
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Jewellery
  • Ideal for characters that need a charisma boost or who rely on their charms to get things done such as Bards, Sorcerers, Paladins and Warlocks.


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