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5 Romance Story Hooks for Valentine’s Day Themed Games

These are five romance-inspired game prompts that you can use to create TTRPG campaigns. You could use them for a one-shot or full-length game using any RPG system like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or Monster of the Week.

While romance is in the air for four of the story hooks, one of them is not romance focused for those of you who are more into Pal(entine’s) than Valentine’s.

A royal affair

The ruler of the kingdom has thrown their consort into the dungeon and has called for their marriage to be annulled. The high council is in an uproar the ruling couple has just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and unlike most royals, they had the luxury of marrying for love. The ruler has intruded their new paramour to the court and the two are now never seen part. Dissolving the royal marriage could spin the land into unrest, which the high council wants to prevent.

Cupid’s love lost

After a raucous party, Cupid discovers that his magic quiver and bow have been replaced with ordinary ones. Without them, he can’t bring love into the world and with the upcoming festival of love and fertility he needs them to ensure that the balance between love and death is kept. Without love, despondency and hate will begin to spread fling the world into dark chaos.

Love Boat

The Mermaid’s Passion, love cruise is two days into a two-week trip that will take singles looking for love to three different islands before returning back to port. The cruise is full of great food, and activities like speed dating and dances, everyone is having a great time until guests start to go missing before having reached the first island. Recognising your names from the manifest as world-famous adventurers, and determined to keep things quiet the captain has approached you to solve the mystery.

Adventure before love

The festivities for the festival of love are said to be bigger and better than any year before, but for you and your friends, romantic relationships can wait, right now you want adventure. Lucky for you disaster has stricken, the star performer for the last day of the festival has not arrived as expected and the mayor suspects foul play.

Master of none

An apprentice wizard came across an obscure text that they were translating into the common tongue. Unintentionally they unleashed a succubus who believed the wizard is its master. It swore loyalty to the wizard and will bring death to their past lovers, aghast the wizard said no. Not taking no for an answer the succubus is going after anyone the wizard has had a romantic interest in, however so slightly.


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