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Reflectink: Magic Item

For one as fair as Princess Delia of Gorinthe, there were simply not enough looking glasses in the world. A beauty so rare, that it is said that in the 200 years since her birth, no other has been born that compares.

Princess Delia’s beauty however was not just a delight to those lucky enough to cast their gaze upon her, but also to herself. In fact, there was no one else that she found quite as beguiling as herself. Saddened by the lack of mirrors when she travelled or went for one of her country walks, the princess commissioned the great wizard, Valros to create a solution to her quandary. Armed with endless alchemical suppliers, unparalleled knowledge of magic and never known to say no to a gold coin he set to work and developed an inky potion called Reflectink. With just a dropper-full of Reflectink, the one and only mirror ink,  Princess Delia could turn any surface into a mirror. Whether she was bathing in the clear crystal waters of her private waterfall or at yet another boring dinner party all she needed to do was add a little Reflectink to a boulder or a dinner plate and it’s surface became like that of the finest hand-crafted looking glass.

Valros’ creation was one of the Princess’ most favourite possessions. She was known to always carry a bottle of it on her chatelaine so that it was close at hand.

Knowing a good potion when he saw one Valros began selling limited quantities of Reflectink, which can now be found at better purveyors of magic items and potions.

One dropper will create a mirror-like reflective surface of up to 5 square feet. Apart from becoming reflective and showing a sharp-clear image, the object’s properties remain unchanged. The bottle contains 10 uses.

  • Cost: 100 gold pieces
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Potion
  • Ideal for characters that love having an arsenal of interesting items to use in inventive ways.


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