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100 non magical everyday items for your Fantasy Game: List

I like giving my players random things when they loot bodies, open barrels or pick pockets so I am sharing it with you. Feel free to use these 100 non magical everyday items for your Fantasy Game.

  1. Slightly dinged tin mug
  2. Cloth diaper unused
  3. Wooden whistle
  4. Half a bar of soap
  5. Set of gloves with chew marks on them
  6. Piece of half chewed gum
  7. Hard candy
  8. Small, colourful rock
  9. Ornate iron key ring with no keys on it
  10. Small mirror
  11. Small sack of ripe oranges
  12. Small keg of wine
  13. Small wooden chest
  14. Bronze gong
  15. Used breastplate
  16. An oil lantern and flask of oil
  17. Bronze Statue of a mother and child
  18. Ceramic jar of honey
  19. Yard of gold wire
  20. Empty coin pouch with a hidden compartment
  21. Gold coin from somewhere you don’t recognise
  22. Skull of a small bird
  23. Sealing wax
  24. Spool of thread
  25. Set of toothpicks that look like tiny swords – one gold, one steel and one crystal
  26. Ornate walking stick topper carved in the shape of a horse
  27. Stuffed and mounted fish
  28. Large pink and yellow conch shell
  29. Monocle
  30. Book about using worms in your everyday life
  31. Half used journal that tells the day to day musings of an average scholar
  32. Jar of pickled snails
  33. Roughly carved flute
  34. Glow in the dark rink – charged in the sun, glows greenish at night
  35. Ornate fork
  36. Stuffed monster teddy
  37. Small vial of black ink
  38. Crystal that makes rainbow patterns when you hold it up to the light
  39. Saddle bag
  40. Silk robe
  41. Bone handle shears
  42. Black leather boots with ornate red beadwork down the side
  43. Glass case with several mounted butterflies on display
  44. Pouch of dried pies and beans
  45. Glass jar of salt
  46. An iron cage the size of your head
  47. Petrified frog
  48. Toy crossbow
  49. Crochet needle made of wood
  50. Corkscrew with a dancing figure carved into the handle
  51. Jar of honey
  52. Sack of dried seeds and corn – possibly chicken feed
  53. Ornate belt buckle
  54. Tin crown
  55. Toy sword
  56. Glass dice set
  57. Scroll with a diagram of the human body on it
  58. Empty glass jar with the traces of a gummy substance on the inside, likely the remnants of alcohol
  59. Crude wooden tankard
  60. Ornate filigree mask
  61. Art print of a bowl of fruit
  62. Tangled ball of shoestrings
  63. Blindfold
  64. Piece of obsidian crudely carved into a dagger
  65. Toasting iron (to make toast on the fire)
  66. Dragon statue made of glass
  67. Piece of dried coral
  68. Orange and pink mittens attached by a string
  69. Pouch of purple chalk
  70. Tamborine
  71. Xylophone
  72. Water purification system in a box
  73. Pair of scissors
  74. Embossed leather sword scabbard for a short sword
  75. Buch of dried garlic
  76. War horn
  77. Clockwork music box
  78. Prayer book
  79. Ship in a bottle
  80. Cowbell on a cow collar
  81. Wooden drumsticks
  82. Towel
  83. Long, dark haired wig
  84. A pointy hat
  85. Sheet music
  86. A jar of clay
  87. Chatelaine – a set of short chains on a belt that you can clip a variety of small things to like keys, scissors, mirrors
  88. Wooden puzzle
  89. Rocking horse
  90. Bag of tealeaves
  91. Tea strainer
  92. Ornate butter knife
  93. Box of several different stinky cheeses
  94. Bottle of cooking oil
  95. pair of wooden socks
  96. Set of leather bracers
  97. Mallet
  98. Bag of gambling chips
  99. Snake skin belt
  100. 100.Scarecrow toy


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