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10 NPCs for Your Fantasy Game: List

I like to keep a list like 10 NPCs for Your Fantasy Game at hand when I GM. Here’s a list that you can use in your games too.

  1. Fiora Furtar (she/her) Short and waifish with light brown hair that falls over her eyes
  2. Brown Blade (he/him) A tall, hefty figure in black leather clothing that is frayed at the edges. Piercing dark eyes bore through you.
  3. Cullen Bastian (they/them) A broad shouldered, well muscled, imposing figure who wears a hood up most of the time. When they take their hood off you are greeted with a warm smile and twinkling eyes.
  4. Alex Hancey (xi/xir) A tiny individual with arms that seem just a little too long for their body and fingers that stretch beyond where they should. The twinkling purple eyes and pointy nose add a feeling of mystery to them.
  5. Crane Lia (he/him) An average height individual with skinny legs and a protruding belly. An old scar cuts his scruffy beard along his left cheek and a chunk of his left earlobe is missing and long since scarred over.
  6. Meya Ashford (she/her) The tall, lean muscled woman has pulled her long dark hair back in an elaborate set of knots. The greying at her temples is the only sign of age on her and her crystal clear gaze seems to penetrate right through any pretences.
  7. Johnvis Morwen (he/him) The confidence that he exudes with is posture and casual observations of the room is enhanced by his immaculate clothing and coifed hair.
  8. Olider Talien (they/them) Their etherial beauty seems otherworldly in a slightly unsettling way. With eyes such a light pink that they are almost white and long dark red hair that seems to almost float around them.
  9. Emellan Adrain (she/her) The woman in front of you has seen hard combat. You green this from her short cropped hair and weary stare coupled with her armour, although well polished it is dented and dinged with evidence of much use.
  10. Garrick Rud (he/him) A jaunty smile that lights up his ruddy cheeks and is so big that even his thick beard cannot hide it. When he laughs the sound booms through the space and is so hearty that others laugh too.


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