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Hunter’s Pack: Gear Idea

Hunter’s PackBeing an outdoorsy character like a ranger or an outlander means you probably have a hunter’s pack. These are packs that are aimed at survival in the wild.

What’s a Hunter?

If your

 character is someone who thrives on living outdoors, loves to hunt and fish, is great at being in the wild and prefers it to cities then they probably have one of these packs. Example characters would be travellers who are planning on being in the wild for a while, folks who live far from civilization, outdoor enthusiasts.

HLG has put together a hunter’s pack for just this sort of outdoorsy sort. Here’s a list of the inventory, cost and the reason for each item.

Hunter’s Pack 

Suggested cost for the pack 32 gp

Backpack  2 gp 5 lb. (to carry your gear, fits nicely on your back and allows mobility)

Dagger 2 gp (it’s always a good idea to have a dagger. They are multi functional tools that can cut, pry and pick at things)

Whetstone 1 cp 1 lb. (keep that dagger sharp and functional)

Shovel 2 gp 5 lb. (digging traps, latrines and other exciting holes. This is a travel sized shovel that folds up easily for travel and straps to the back of the pack)

Hempen rope, 50 feet 1 gp (climbing down a cliff, having to sleep up a tree at night or just want to string up your kill so that you can gut it, rope is always useful)

Good sleep can be the difference between a successful hunt and one not at all successful. A professional like you has taken the time to get yourself some good equipment for nights in the wild.

Bedroll 1 gp 7 lb.

Blanket 5 sp 3 lb. it gets cold at night so an extra blanket can help

Mess kit 2 sp 1 lb.

Tent, two-person 2 gp 20 lb.

Light is vital for wilderness survival and you don’t take chances with rain. This gear keeps the light going even in damp conditions.

Lantern, hooded 5 gp 2 lb.

Oil (flask) 1 sp 1 lb.

Tinderbox 5 sp 1 lb.

An outdoor professional has tools to survive by catching your own food and staying hydrated. 

Pot, iron 2 gp 10 lb.

Waterskin 2 sp 5 lb. (full)

Hunting trap 5 gp 25 lb.

Fishing tackle 1 gp 4 lb.

Hunter’s PackWorth noting

All of these items can be found in the player’s handbook at the costs we stipulated above. 

The price we suggest for the kit  is based on the overall cost of the items at a discount for buying it as a kit.

If your Dungeon Master (DM) allows you to then get these items before the game starts or if you don’t have the gold for it yet then you can pick up the items as you go. Just be sure to let your DM know that you want to do that so they are prepared.

As a DM you can also have a merchant selling these kits to possible hunter’s trappers, campers. They can either be selling them as part of a legitimate trade business or at an inflated rate if they know the demand for them is high.


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