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Hill Dwarf Fighter: Backstory

Hill Dwarf Fighter BackstoryThis is a Hill Dwarf Fighter Backstory that you are free to use or adapt for your own character.

The village I came from was nestled between two mighty hills rich in ore. Traditions ran strong and the sweat off the brow was the measure of how valuable a member of the village was. 

My mother and father toiled for hours every day in the mines as they extracted the riches of the earth. My uncle and aunt would forget great weapons and cut the glorious gems that were occasionally brought forth by my parents.

Queen Audhild Torunn ruled with a firm but fair rule and the village thrived. 

It’s not that I was unhappy exactly, it was more that I was restless and yearning to do something more than chop away at the walls of stone looking for the nestled gems held there. 

Whenever I brought up my desire for something greater my parents would share a troubled look and that night I would hear them talking in hushed but upset tones and I knew it was about me. I soon stopped talking about the greater world and learned how to mine.

When a party of soldiers came through our village looking for an escaped fugitive it was like something clicked into place for me. That night they stayed at the behest of the queen and a feast was held as they told us stories of the world outside the village. 

One of the soldiers was Fallon, a young halfling who had recently joined the army. I spoke to her for hours, asking all about her life. Endlessly patient with me she explained what it meant to her to be a soldier and why she had decided to join. 

In the pre-dawn light when the soldiers were packing up to leave I joined them, leaving a note for my parents. They would never understand and I could not face the thought of them trying to persuade me not to go.


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