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Gambler’s Pack: Gear Idea

There is an optional background feature from acquisitions incorporated that allows you to be a gambler or you can take the charlatan background with a similar thread either way  a gambler’s pack will enhance your character build and give you some fun role play options.

What is a gambler

This is a character who goes from tavern to tavern or gambling event to gambling event and takes their chances with a hand of cards or a game of dice. Winning their coin rather than working for it seems to be a much better way to spend their time. And the thrill of the gamble is like nothing else. 

HLG designed this pack as a cool starter pack for players who want to be a gambler character. Here’s a description of the inventory, cost and the reason for each item.

Gambler’s Pack

Suggested cost 35gp or won it all in various games or chance

Chest 5 gp 25 lb.

Dagger (it’s always a good idea to have a dagger. They are multi-functional tools that can cut, pry and pick at things) 2gp

Tinderbox 5sp 1 lb.

Whetstone 1cp

Disguise kit 25 gp 3 lb.

Forgery kit 15 gp 5 lb.

Clothes, fine 15 gp 6 lb.

Dice set 1sp

Playing card set 5sp

Lamp with blue tinted glass 1gp 1 lb.

Monocle with filter to see markings on card revealed by blue light 5gp


Optional Extras

These are fun items that could add some flavour to the way your gambler works. These are also cool average items to have the gambler find along their journey.

Hourglass 25 gp1 lb.

Magnifying glass 100 gp

Mirror, steel 5 gp 1/2 lb.

Touch sleeping potion to coat cards with 100gp


Worth noting

All of these items can be found in the player’s handbook at the costs we stipulated above except the touch based sleeping potion in the optional extras section. 

The price we suggest for the kit  is based on the overall cost of the items at a discount for buying it as a kit.

If your Dungeon Master (DM) allows you to then get these items before the game starts or if you don’t have the gold for it yet then you can pick up the items as you go. Just be sure to let your DM know that you want to do that so they are prepared.

As a DM you can also have a merchant selling these kits to possible investigators. They can either be selling them as part of a legitimate trade business or at an inflated rate if they know the demand for them is high.


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