Forest Sacrificial Site: Location 

The trees press in around you, the forest is so thick that you can’t see more than a few feet in front of you. The sounds of the forest seemingly become quieter, the rustling of small animals and the birdsong that just filled the air and surrounded you is hushed, the sounded almost unnaturally dampened. The only sound that breaks through is the roaring surge of water. You continue walking and suddenly the close-knit trees start to become sparser and give way to bushes and ground cover before you see the source of the roaring sound, a river.

The river is wide, its fast-flowing waters hug a small island at its centre. From the banks of the river, you can only see the trees that seemingly fill it. However, you notice a small wood and rope bridge leading from the river bank onto the forested island.

The bridge spans a narrower part between the riveter back and the island, it is a small bridge and well-used, as you walk across it you can feel it protest under your weight. Below you the river water flows with a fast, forceful current that churns against the bridge supports and rocks peaking through the surface.

On the other side of the bridge, the dense tree line obscures the island, as you walk the musky-sweet smell of crushed faller leaves fills the air. On the ground, wildflowers and mushrooms scatter the forest floor. The trees quickly open up into a clearing revealing the secret the trees were protecting. At its centre is a circle of ancient-looking standing stones, their profiles rugged and carved by the elements, here and there moss and lichen cling to them. At the centre of the circle is a large stone platform eerily lit by a glowing circle of candles, their flickering light illuminating the pale stone altar they encircle.

Notes for the DM or GM

The quietness in the forest can be attributed to just the white noise effect of the river on the other sounds in the area or you can attribute it to some sort of magical effect, choose whichever works best for your campaign.

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Type of campaigns 

This role-playing game location can be used for fantasy campaigns in systems like Dungeons and Dragons or urban TTRPG systems like Monster of the Week.

Using location descriptions in campaigns 

This location description for a sacrificial site is a storytelling tool or aide for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters. You can use it to introduce your players to a location or as a story hook.


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