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Valros’ Prayer Pendant: Magic Item

People always think that those of us who have received a calling, have a simpler path to follow. One that has been written about and followed for millennia by those before us. Simply learn the tenets and live by them, doing the work of the gods here in the mortal realm.

Alas, this simple life is not what we get, not even those of us who love the gods most. No, the myth is not true for every day our calling is tested. Devotees understand this and work to find ways to grow the connection with our deity, to not only remind us of our calling but to bring us closer when the expanse threatens to take over.

One such totem that has gained popularity across the realm was originally created for Brother Guilly of the Order of Darkdust by the great wizard Valros. A locket that when opened showered Brother Guilly with the glory of the Darkdust. The locket proved so popular that soon Valros was inundated with requests for similar lockets by other devotees. Never, one to say no to gold coin, Valros set up a workshop of apprentices tasked with creating these popular religious pendants.  A version of this locket can now be found throughout the kingdom as a religious item in almost any temple store.

Of course, none of these copies is as magnificent as Brother Guilly’s emerald and onyx encrusted gold locket but each one is a work of art in its own right, wrought from delicately engraved silver hanging from a long, fine silver chain.

The locket requires an attunement of one day, during which it customises to represent your religious order or deity of choice.

When you open the locket a miniature three-dimensional animated image of your deity appears. The image makes one looped movement (of your choice) such as waving. When you use it you feel more connected to your deity.

  • Cost: 50 gold pieces
  • Rarity: Common
  • Type: Jewellery
  • Ideal for characters that are religious or have a deity that they are strongly connected to such as Clerics, Paladins, Monks, Warlocks.


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