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Peppy Mint Mist: Magic Item

A favourite of the herbalist, Daisy Little is a refreshing mist that she discovered during her travels through the Never-ending Forest. While most people have given up on getting to the other side of the vast and seemingly endless forest, Daisy is determined to discover its secrets, and maybe one day get to the other side. This is not her first journey and it won’t be her last every time she goes deeper into those ancient and unwilling woods she discovers something new that gives her potions, tinctures and cures a little something extra that the other herbalist just can’t compete with. As the daughter of a druid and an alchemist Daisy is driven to harness the power of nature and bottle it. Word of Daisy’s amazing potions is spreading across the land, there is so much demand that she can’t possibly keep up with it, making some of her more unique potions difficult to find and worth their weight in gold.

Made from freshly crushed peppermint leaves harvested under the silver moon, melted winter frost, and a sprinkle of secret ingredient Daisy discovered in the Never-ending Forest this delightful potion only needs a little spritz to work its magic. Whether you haven’t brushed your teeth in days or your favourite snack is fresh, crunchy garlic Peppy Mint Mist is sure to sweeten your breath instantly, and all it takes is one spray on the tongue!

Daisy has noticed that people are so delighted by your breath that they are instantly warmer towards you than just moments before. Well at least that’s what she thinks is happening, she hasn’t completely figured out that secret ingredient yet.

Freshen up with this delightful minty breath spray that not only freshens your breath but sweetens your words, giving you a +1 to Charisma for one hour. The bottle contains 5 uses.

  • Cost: 102 gold pieces
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Potion
  • Ideal for characters that need a charisma boost or who rely on their charms to get things done such as Bards, Sorcerers, Paladins and Warlocks.


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