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Night has fallen and in the distance a wolf howls, its plaintive voice carried by the gentle breeze, cooling down the forest after a long hot, humid day. The scent of pine is strong in the air and your footsteps are cushioned and silenced by a bed of brown needles thickly covering the forest floor. The moon is high overhead peaking out through the clouds as they move through the sky casting shadows that jump at you when you least expect it.

Overhead in the dark green canopy, there is a symphony of birds twittering and cooing as they rustle in their nests for the night. The haunting call of an owl echoed through the night. The small bushes and foliage rustle as could be heard as small animals scamper through them. You feel eerily alone despite the rustling and creaking sounds coming from the woods.

As the night wears on the temperature continues to fall and you’re glad for the campfire that glows in the darkness, its hot, dancing flame casts a cosy light that ensconces your campsite, which is surrounded by the ever-deepening darkness of night. Tendrils of smoke waft from the fire as the breeze picks up and sends tiny embers sparking and fizzing out in the air.

Beyond the clearing but not too far away the river rushes by under a blanket of mist that is starting to roll in, its frothing water and muddy banks hidden inch by inch as the mist creeps forward.

Type of campaigns 

This role-playing game location can be used for fantasy campaigns in systems like Dungeons and Dragons or urban TTRPG systems like Monster of the Week.

Using location descriptions in campaigns 

This location description for a campsite is a storytelling tool or aide for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters. You can use it to introduce your players to a location or as a story hook.

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