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Descriptive world building words: List

Here are some Descriptive world building words that you can use to make your narration more descriptive.


  1. Creak
  2. Clank
  3. Drip
  4. Scrape
  5. Plink
  6. Crackle
  7. Thud
  8. Croak
  9. Rumble
  10. Twang


  1. Warm with a light breeze
  2. High winds
  3. Radiating heat
  4. Calm, clear day
  5. Foggy with a light drizzle
  6. Pouring rain
  7. Lightning storm
  8. Light snow fall
  9. Heavy blizzard
  10. The crackle of an oncoming storm


  1. The earth after a rain (petrichor)
  2. Damp that doesn’t dry
  3. Electricity in the air
  4. Wood smoke
  5. Spilled bear
  6. Rotting potatoes
  7. Sweat
  8. Soap
  9. Warm milk
  10. Cooking meat

Visual cues for a Tavern

  1. A child playing with a set of wooden blocks
  2. A harried looking woman carrying a basket of foods
  3. A minstrel playing sitting relaxed and just tinkering on their lute
  4. A cloaked figure sits in the corner flicking a coin across their knuckles. The coin catches the glint from the fire.
  5. A boar’s head is proudly mounted above the large fireplace.
  6. The windows are grimy with years of dirt telling of years worth of fingers and faces pressed up against the glass.
  7. Ale mugs are stacked in a pyramid next to the ale tankard, waiting to be used.
  8. The floor boards creak as you tread on the well worn path through the tavern.
  9. The tavern’s wooden table tops are carved with hundreds of names.
  10. A large chalk board sits agains the bar with the menu of the day in three different languages.


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